how much is huda beauty worth

How Much Is Huda Beauty Worth

How Much Is Huda Beauty Worth-Introduction:

Huda Beauty is a makeup and skincare brand that has taken the beauty industry by storm since its launch in 2013. Founded by Huda Kattan, a beauty blogger turned entrepreneur, Huda Beauty has become a household name and is celebrated for its inclusive approach to beauty. With a vast range of products that cater to every skin tone and type, Huda Beauty has amassed a massive following worldwide. But the question remains, how much is Huda Beauty worth? In this article, we’ll explore the success of Huda Beauty and estimate its net worth.

How Much Is Huda Beauty Worth-The Beginnings of Huda Beauty:

Huda Kattan, born in the United States and raised in Dubai, began her career in finance. But her love for beauty and makeup led her to start her blog, Huda Beauty, in 2010. Her blog quickly became popular, gaining a loyal following who appreciated her honest product reviews and beauty tutorials. Huda’s popularity grew, and she eventually quit her job in finance to pursue her passion for beauty.

In 2013, Huda launched her first false eyelash line named Huda Beauty. The lashes were an instant hit, and Huda soon expanded her line to include liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and skincare products. The brand’s success skyrocketed, and Huda Beauty became a global sensation.

How Much Is Huda Beauty Worth-The Success of Huda Beauty:

Huda Beauty has become one of the most successful beauty brands in the world. The brand’s Instagram page alone has over 48 million followers, and the products are sold in over 140 countries. Huda Beauty’s success can be attributed to its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The brand offers many products catering to every skin tone and type, ensuring everyone feels represented.

Huda Beauty’s success has also been fueled by its collaboration with other beauty brands and influencers. The brand has collaborated with major beauty retailers like Sephora and Cult Beauty and influencers like Jacqueline Fernandez and Nabela Noor.

In 2018, Huda Beauty launched its reality show, “Huda Boss,” which gave fans an inside look into the daily workings of the brand and the life of Huda Kattan. The show was a hit and helped to boost the brand’s popularity further.

How Much is Huda Beauty Worth?

Estimating the net worth of a private company like Huda Beauty is challenging as public information is not available. However, in 2017, Forbes estimated Huda Beauty’s net worth to be around $550 million. Since then, the brand’s success has continued to grow, and it’s safe to assume that its net worth has increased significantly.

In 2020, Huda Beauty was acquired by Coty Inc., a multinational beauty company, in a deal worth $1 billion. The acquisition solidified Huda Beauty’s status as a billion-dollar beauty empire.


Huda Beauty’s success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its founder, Huda Kattan. From a humble beauty blog to a billion-dollar beauty empire, Huda Beauty has become a household name and a symbol of inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry. While it’s challenging to estimate the exact net worth of the company, the brand’s acquisition by Coty Inc. for $1 billion confirms that Huda Beauty is worth a significant amount.

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How Much Is Huda Beauty Worth