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The UAE’s Culture: A Blend of the Old and the New

The United Arab Emirates, a land of desert has now become one of the fastest-growing states after the revolution. You’ll find many areas in Dubai like Al Barsha, Burj Al Arab, and Downtown have lots of tall buildings for commercial works equipped with the latest technologies. The same case has been with the culture.

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So, now let’s talk about the cultural aspects that have been completely changed which include:

Culture of Arts

Art is considered one of the cornerstones when we talk about UAE culture. The people of UAE have a direct connection and show appreciation for their country through arts which is getting better day by day. You’ll find many sceneries and paintings with vibrant colors in the museums that represent their culture and tells the history of the country.

There’s a many unique designs of Arabic Henna that represents their tradition, as it is used as a sign of good luck and prosperity in marriages known as Sadu which can also be found in UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage.  

Furthermore, there’s one more thing that represents their culture, a traditional dance known as “Al Alaya” as it represents the history of UAE.

Delicious Cuisines 

There’s no denying that the cuisines of UAE are one of the best in the world. It’s a combination of dishes from their neighboring countries as well like India and Iran. When we talk about their Bedouin nomadic lifestyle, people used to eat dates, camel meat, milk, and other available livestock. 

But now, you’ll find more seafood as a source of their cuisine, the country has also started importing rice and spices such as saffron turmeric and cinnamon which has taken the concept of cuisines to another level. Moreover, dishes like matchbooks and hares have become the traditional dishes of the UAE.

Cultural Sports

When we talk about the tradition of sports in the United Arab Emirates, you’ll find falconry, horse racing, and camel riding which are popular even today as well. These sports have played an important role in the survival and then the evolution of the Emiratis. 

These sports have a deep connection and roots with the country’s history. For instance, falconry, a sport that trains you to hunt with falcons and has now been considered a sport for royals only. 

For centuries, these sports have been a source of entertainment and even in the current era, their popularity is only increasing among the locals.

Social Greetings

Since the ancient times of UAE, their locals greet others very nicely and have an amazing way to show hospitality. Among men, they have a special way of greeting each other by touching their nose, they pronounce it an Emirati kiss which is also known as “Khusmak.” 

Shaking hands with others of the same gender and a warm embrace is also their traditional way of greeting. However, when greeting the opposite gender, they simply put their hands on the heart and welcome them by using nice and simple words.

Moreover, while clicking pictures, especially with women, they first take permission because without approval it is prohibited in Islam.

Unique Architectures 

If you look at the architecture throughout the UAE, you’ll get to know how elite their locals were back in the time of Bedouins. Their architecture is derived from Persian, Arabic, and Islamic traditions which solely reflect the country’s history when you look at it. 

These architectures were designed with proper care and with the understanding to provide total comfort and privacy to others. You can see a famous building called “Barjeel (also known as Wind Tower)” a popular Iranian architectural material used for ventilation purposes. 

You’ll find many finest architectural elements like this in malls and hotels to keep the temperature under control as UAE is the hotspot for tourists.

Style of their Dressing

Everyone knows the dressing style people usually prefer in UAE, it’s their traditional outfit. Women, wear a long black cloak that covers their entire body except for arms and feet known as “Abaya.” There’s another thing called “Nakab” which is mostly used with abaya as a pair used to hide the face.

As compared to men, they also have a safe long robe but in a white color called “Kandura” which is mostly paired up with a headscarf known as “Ghutrah.” 

One more interesting thing that you might not know about is the difference in the length. It is used to define the status of the person. The longer the length of Kandura is, the wealthier the person is.

Evolving Education

Education is the one aspect that continues to evolve no matter what. In, ancient times there was no sign of any technological equipment so the people at the time used the books and teaching of their elders to get knowledge.

However, that’s not the case now. After the evolution of science, UAE has adapted to all the advanced tools and machines to improve the way of their education. For example, famous institutions like Masdar Institute and Dubai Future Foundation are way ahead in the field of research and development. 

Parting Words

There’s no denying that the United Arab Emirates has evolved and has gone too far ahead when it comes to revolution. Surely, some things are part of their cultures in the present time as well like clothes, dishes, and architecture.

However, when you look at the use of technology, UAE has adopted all the available technology like constructing big buildings, enhancing the progress of their research and development, and many other aspects.

So, when you look at the culture of UAE, you’ll have a mixed answer like, “Yes, this technology is new, and this is a traditional way of greeting.”

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The UAE’s Culture: A Blend of the Old and the New