Thrilling Adventures Await: Unveiling the Private Desert Safari Dubai Experience

Thrilling Adventures Await: Unveiling the Private Desert Safari Dubai Experience

Are you seeking a fun and thrilling activity? Something to enjoy with your friends and family on a vacation? Or something to take your mind off the job and forget your worries? Well, then, Private Desert Safari Dubai is what you are looking for. 

Taking a Desert Safari in Dubai allows you to discover the enchanting world of the desert up close and personal. When the sun’s rays strike the sand, it appears to glow, a sight to behold. Starting with a pickup from your location in a Landcruiser, and after arriving at the destination, you start your safari tour in a dune buggy rental Dubai. Afterward, you engage in a sandboarding session followed by a camel ride. The journey doesn’t end here; after enjoying several adrenaline-inducing activities, you need to get your energy back; the Gourmet dining in the desert camp offers traditional Arabic spices and BBQ dinner. 

Depending on your package of morning desert safari, evening or night, the activities may differ a little. At night package you get to spend in a bedouin camp and stare at the stars in a crystal clear sky. Whatever package you have surely gives you a memorable experience that refreshes your mind. 

Interested in learning more about desert safari in Dubai? Continue reading.

What are the Different Safari Tours in Dubai?

First, start by understanding how many different types of desert safaris exist. 

Morning Desert Safari

The safari tours begin early in the morning, allowing you to witness a beautiful sunrise over the desert. A morning safari normally includes activities such as watching sunrises, sandboarding, and breakfast depending on the tour operator.

Early morning desert safaris offer the perfect opportunity for exploration and enjoyment of the desert before the city comes to life during the evening. Spend a relaxing morning in the desert camp, sipping Arabic coffee and enjoying dates. Some morning safari events also offer hot air balloon rides and wildlife explorations or dune buggy rental Dubai rides as part of their morning activities.

Evening Desert Safari

The evening desert safari is ideal for enjoying the beautiful sunset and the spectacular night sky. Desert safaris conducted in the evening are the most popular and sought-after tours.

It is the number one choice for those seeking a desert safari and is loved by many tourists. A wide variety of fun and joyful activities are on offer during the evening desert safari that will enable you to experience true Arabian nights in Dubai.

You can also participate in dune buggy rental in Dubai, henna painting, camel riding, and many more fun activities during the evening desert safari. It is the perfect way to end your day with a relaxing tour.

Discover the Arabian desert’s beauty as you gaze at the stars. As one of the most popular tours, this is often the choice of individuals interested in booking a private desert safari Dubai.

Overnight Desert Safari

A desert safari at night will be the perfect activity for nocturnal travelers. Safaris at night allow you to spend a memorable night under the stars exploring the desert in the dark. In the desert camp, you will have the chance to enjoy traditional performances and enjoy a delicious meal after a thrilling dune buggy rental in Dubai.

With astrological guides, you can learn more about the sky and spot the stars as the night deepens.

A night safari can be enjoyed during some experiences, and you can return to the city in the evening. Alternatively, you may camp overnight in the middle of the desert, explore the stars, and enjoy the sunrise over the dunes in the morning.

Sunrise Desert Safari

Is there anything more beautiful than watching the sun rise over the golden dunes in Dubai? You may find the Sunrise Desert Safari the perfect solution if that is the case.

The sunrise over Dubai’s golden sands will provide stunning photographs during this tour. Various activities can be enjoyed during the tour, such as camel riding and sandboarding. It is one of the most simple yet exciting experiences many people enjoy.

How Much Does a Private Desert Safari Dubai Cost?

There are a variety of desert safari experiences available in Dubai that are suitable for all budgets. A desert safari tour’s price varies according to several factors: the time of the day, duration, activities, and tour operator.

Budget-Friendly Desert Safari Experiences in Dubai

A morning or day safari experience in Dubai is generally more affordable, starting at AED 120 per person. For a full safari that includes dune buggy rental in Dubai, camel riding, sandboarding, ballon riding, BBQ dinner, and other specialties, that might cost around AED 800 per person. 

You can contact Desert Planet Tourism services for the best and most affordable prices of desert safari packages.

Here Are a Few Tips For Visiting Dubai’s Desert Safari

  • A minimum of 24 hours before the date of the safari experience is required to book the experience. You should purchase your tickets online for your preferred date as soon as possible to avoid missing out. Book desert safari experiences on Platinumlist now and get the best price.
  • Confirm the location of your pick-up and drop-off. Due to the remote locations of desert camps, every desert safari experience includes transfer services. At least 24 hours in advance, confirm the pick-up and drop-off location with the tour operator.
  • Make sure your age and health are not restricted. Several age and health restrictions apply to desert safari experiences to ensure participants’ safety. Ensure you know all the limits before making a reservation to avoid disappointment.
  • Dress appropriately. Depending on the time of year, the desert can get very hot or very cold. If you wish to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, please wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. It is important to wear sunscreen at all times.

The private desert safari in Dubai offers a thrilling and unforgettable adventure. From dune bashing to stargazing, it’s an opportunity to create cherished memories and experience the magic of the desert firsthand. Embrace the excitement and tranquility of this remarkable journey that will stay with you forever.

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Thrilling Adventures Await: Unveiling the Private Desert Safari Dubai Experience